Find The Most Appropriate Bridesmaid Dresses

January 15th, 2009

Bridesmaid dresses with varied styles

Earlier brides wore the same dress as the bridesmaids to protect themselves from the curses of jealous evil spirits who it was believed were on vigilant to find out the new brides to curse them and ruin their marriage. In order to protect themselves from evil spirits, brides wore a dress similar to the bridesmaids so that she appears one among them and the evil spirit is unable to recognize and thereby inflict curses upon her.

However today brides dress in a completely different way than the bridesmaids. And why not. After all it is the most special day in their life and they ought to look different from the crowd. But this does not in the least mean that the bridesmaids wear less beautiful or appealing dress. The bridesmaids will be the companion of the bride throughout the wedding day therefore they should dress appropriately.  

Here are a few things that the bridesmaids should avoid wearing at your wedding.  

Shiny, Metallic Materials
The bridesmaids should avoid wearing anything in glittery, glossy satin. It gives a gaudy appearance to the bridesmaids.   

Big Bows, Ribbons and Ruffles
Bows, ribbons and ruffles does not in the least appear pretty. It is really absurd for the bridesmaids to wear big bows in front or back, flowing ribbons and cascading ruffles. It makes them appear ridiculous. Even little flower girls do not look good with big bows, ribbons or ruffles.     

Flimsy material
The bridesmaids should avoid wearing anything that is made up of flimsy material. Chiffon is a good choice to produce an ethereal effect but wearing two layers of chiffon may offend the bridesmaids and make her the laughing stock of the guests at the wedding.

Dress decently
The bridesmaids should dress decently. The wedding is a sacred ceremony uniting the couple for a lifetime. Therefore the bridesmaids should dress up appropriately for the occasion. Skin show should be completely avoided to maintain the sanctity of the wedding ceremony.

Moreover the bridesmaids should not overdo anything. Neither should they neglect their appearance. Make sure the bridesmaids dress perfectly as they have to be around the bride  throughout the entire wedding ceremony and reception.    

The bridesmaids dresses should be chosen with utmost care and consideration. The bride should consider the preferences of the bridesmaids because after all they have to wear the dresses. The bridesmaids should feel happy and comfortable in what they are wearing. The bridesmaids should be dressed elegantly and beautifully as she will be inthe limelight witht the bride throughout the wedding.

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